Montag, 5. März 2007

Marc and the Mambas - Untitled

Marc Almonds first official solo release as a 2 x LP or here as its CD release.
Wonderful small and sad tunes.

Buy the original, it´s worth it.


Jon hat gesagt…

darn it!!! it's gone!!

musicisintheair hat gesagt…

Just uploaded it again! 80 Mbytes approx... works now.

DrTugnut hat gesagt…

Thanks - this is a great album. I was very pleased to get Spare Ass Annie - had been looking for a long time to get my hands on that old gem.
Good luck with the blog,

Dr. Tugnut.

helmut hat gesagt…

hi!! great post... you can find the second mambas album in my blog:

all the best, h.

karatte hat gesagt…

Thanx a lot! Kooool music.

Simon hat gesagt…

Oh my god, I've been looking for this album for 20 years.. is there any chance you could repost it?

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